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mosh! Latte Mug Cup 430ml

RM 128.00

The design of mosh! Latte Mug Cup is inspired by vintage enamel cup which is adorable and well-known among lots of people. Now we applied mosh! unique color to the body of mug to make it more lovely and put silicone stopper on the lid to avoid dust. 

mosh! Latte Mug Cup is not only cute in its appearance, it also has the functions of heat and cold insulation.

Product features:

1.Keep heat: 6 hours (more than 42℃)

    Keep cold:6 hours (less than 13℃)

2. Handle helps to hold the enamel cup easier.

3. The silicone stopper added into the bottom of bottle can prevent the scratch and strange fricative sound.

4. Enamel multicolor.

5. Easy to clean.

Size : φ93×H97mm

Weight : Approx. 250g

Capacity : 430ml

Colour : Ivory / White / Black / Mint / Strawberry / Milk / Mocha


Inner/outer Body:stainless



Rubber seal:silicone

Stopper on the lid:silicone

Direction For Use 

Open the mug cup by turning lid anticlockwise, and put food or beverage into foodpot. Closing the lid by turning lid clockwise to keep heat or cold. The stopper on the lid is used to aovid dust, please use it to cover the lip of cup  when not in use.

After using the mug cup, please clean the inner and outer body. Besides, we also suggest that take apart the silicone rubber seal and clean it.

Be careful:This product does not use for unsealed flask, to prevent leakage, do not lay down this product while filling with beverage.