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GUM KIDS TOOTHBRUSH (2 sizes: 3-6 years old / 7-12 years old)

RM 9.50

GUM Kids Toothbrush is co-developed with Japan Dental Hygienist, the toothbrush features soft bristles specifically designed for effective plaque removal especially in children with growing permanents teeth. Slightly larger head size and longer handle for 7-12 years old.


● Gently brush the teeth with toothpaste


● Simple and hygienic design 

● Soft Bristles gentle to gums 

● Small head to reach the molar teeth 

● Effective removal of plaque

Available in 2 sizes:

#76 for 3-6 years old kids

#87 for 7-12 years old kids

Random colour will be given.

Offer Price @ RM9 per pc

Purchase RM30 and above of Sunstar Oral Care products FREE 1 GUM Kids Toothpaste (Strawberry Flavour). 

Made in Japan


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